New Writers Scheme – report

Typewriter printing log-in

Typewriter printing log-in

If any of you has been toying with the idea of enrolling with the RNA’s New Writers Scheme, then please, please seriously think about it.

I am in awe of the lady who read my book.

I knew myself that it was flawed, but I didn’t have enough vision to fix it, plus I didn’t trust anyone close to me to read it either.

I gave it to my sisters a few years ago and both came back with different comments. Don’t give it to your family. Just don’t.

The basic changes the reader wanted was for it to be written in a linear style, not flashbacks.

Get rid of all the extra words. My style can’t be good!

Some of the character were not as likeable as needed. If she didn’t like them, then it stands to reason my intended audience won’t like them either.

The good bits?

There were some. Thankfully.

She thought the writing was lively , and the dialogue realistic and it could be ready for publication once I’ve fixed the aforementioned problems. Phew!

So thank you dear reader. You are great.


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