Understanding Font Types

Understanding fonts

So you want to make smart snazzy book covers, blog posts, or social media posts and everyone is using these fabulous fonts, but really you have no idea what they are really talking about?

I mean, really, what is a serif font? Or a sans serif?

Its actually rather simple.

Serif – is the name of the wee bits that stick out from the ends of the letters. Think old style printing blocks and letters. This is most likely the font you will be typing with for letters, manuscripts etc. It is clear, formal, easy to read.

Sans Serif just means ‘without bits’. The fonts are nice and smooth and rounded, like your favourite orange juice. These are the type of fonts that are clear to read, but more modern and funky. You will probably use a sans serif font to pair with either a script font, or a decorative, blocky or bold title font.

Script – these are the ‘Mrs Fancy Pants’ fonts that everyone uses for wedding invitations, cards, social media posts and such like. There has been a surge in this type of homemade  handwriten font types, and some have loads of extra squiggly bits either at the start, end, middle or just about everywhere you want. These are romantic, feminine fonts that are perfect for your Romance or Chick lit book covers.

Display these are the fonts that are big, bold and beautiful. They do exactly what they say on the tin. They make a statement. You would use these sparingly as a headline, either on a post, a card, a product or a poster.



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