How’s the writing going so far?


Photo by Rawpixel from Unsplash

It’s hard to believe that a quarter of the year has already passed and the hour has changed so the evenings are getting lighter.

But what, if anything have I achieved so far in 2018?

I have entered several competitions, which is good, because as the saying goes ‘you can’t win if you’re not in’!

So far I’ve had one ‘no’ and one ‘Date With An Agent’  which is actually a workshop with an agent as part of the International Literature Festival Dublin. So I’ll see how that goes. I’m still waiting on details on how this will work, but it’s a great opportunity to meet an agent and hear what they have to say.

I’ve also entered competitions with Harper Impulse, Good Housekeeping magazine and Winchester Literature Festival.  It’s good to have a few things on the go so when you do get a rejection you’re not totally floored by it.

I’ve also been working with editor Emily Ruston, so really get to grips with my current manuscript, and feedback so far is that my beta readers like it! Yay! nothing like some praise to keep a writer happy.

I’ve also been working on some short stories which I want to publish here and on amazon and polish up a novella for the summer and another for a Christmas release.

And lastly I need to book my ticket for the RNA summer conference in Leeds.

I have no doubt the next few weeks will be as busy as ever.

How are things for you?