Paper and Sage Book Cover Designers


I have found a fantastic site, called Paper and Sage – Book cover designers  which designs  pre-made  and custom covers and I am going to rave about it!

The price is amazing, $50 – $70 for an ebook cover. You can change the typography I think for free if they have used it already on another cover.

The covers look professional, and, one of my big bugbears about self-pubbed books, they do not look less than a proper published cover. You will look like a professional!

They do other design things for you which will help with branding/promotion etc.

Bookmark this site people!!


Book Cover Designer -Adrian Valencia

Whilst trying to design my own book cover recently I have started to take note of designers/illustrators on the books that I am picking up.

Love From Paris, by Alexandra Potter was one of those books that I picked, pure and simply because I loved the cover. Thankfully I loved the book too, you can read my review here.

But I had to check out the designer Adrian Valencia.

If you check out his website you will see gorgeous covers for writers like Lindsey Kelk, Jane Costello, Ella Griffin, Nicky Pellegrino amongst others.

There are several that stand out for me, that one for Alexandra potter featured above, but also one for Elizabeth Buchan for her novels ‘Separate Beds’ and ‘Daughters’.

They are stunning. Plain, simple, yet lifts from the page and begs for you to lift it up and read it.

If you are into book covers like I am, his website is a good place to look at fonts, titles, designs etc.

Take notice of where the author name is placed. What type of font is used? Is it uppercase, lowercase, cursive, script? What do you like, if you do, about it?

What don’t you like about it?

If you are going to design your own cover take tips, take note, bookmark his website.

If you are planning on self-pubbing your own books and have a series planned, see how he keeps things like titles and fonts the same across that series, or by the same author. This is what you need to be doing. After all, what you, the self-pubbing Indie author needs to be doing, is building your brand. Make it cohesive and easily recognisable. Sometimes keeping it simple is the better option.

The other place you must see is his blog where he has illustrations to die for! Kate Middleton, pop stars, models etc. They are worth a drool.

Have you designed your own covers?

Have you a favourite illustrator or designer?

Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.



Understanding Font Types

Understanding fonts

So you want to make smart snazzy book covers, blog posts, or social media posts and everyone is using these fabulous fonts, but really you have no idea what they are really talking about?

I mean, really, what is a serif font? Or a sans serif?

Its actually rather simple.

Serif – is the name of the wee bits that stick out from the ends of the letters. Think old style printing blocks and letters. This is most likely the font you will be typing with for letters, manuscripts etc. It is clear, formal, easy to read.

Sans Serif just means ‘without bits’. The fonts are nice and smooth and rounded, like your favourite orange juice. These are the type of fonts that are clear to read, but more modern and funky. You will probably use a sans serif font to pair with either a script font, or a decorative, blocky or bold title font.

Script – these are the ‘Mrs Fancy Pants’ fonts that everyone uses for wedding invitations, cards, social media posts and such like. There has been a surge in this type of homemade  handwriten font types, and some have loads of extra squiggly bits either at the start, end, middle or just about everywhere you want. These are romantic, feminine fonts that are perfect for your Romance or Chick lit book covers.

Display these are the fonts that are big, bold and beautiful. They do exactly what they say on the tin. They make a statement. You would use these sparingly as a headline, either on a post, a card, a product or a poster.


Every Time A Bell Rings Cover Reveal

every time a bell ringsSource: Every Time A Bell Rings Cover Reveal

I just love, love LOVE this cover.

There is a whole pile of competition this year in Christmas romance, and the cover is going to be a huge tool in determining whether anyone picks it up or not.

I would pick this book.


The image gives a taste of where it is set – Dublin’s Ha’penny Bridge, with the touch of snow. The girl in the red coat is a key part of the story but you’ll have to read it to find out why!

I like the subtle colours used, red, green, christmassy colours but not too ‘in your face’.

I like the image inside the wreath, and I love the fonts chosen.

And of course, the bells.

Marks? 10 out of 10 of course!