Book Review – The Abandoned by Sharon Thompson


Sharon Thompson - The Abandoned_cover_high resThe Abandoned by Sharon Thompson has been my first read of 2018, and what a brilliant one!

I got an advance copy from Bloodhound Press and finished it in two sittings.

The main character is Peggy Bowden, a woman in 1950’s Ireland. Peggy has been dealt a poor hand in life, but pulled herself up to train as a midwife. But Ireland has a dark side, controlled by the Catholic Church, and Peggy moves into other things to help downtrodden women, such as selling babies and doing abortions, no one wants to end up in the Magdalen laundries. It’s a gritty read and does cover harsh topics, but yet this was the harsh life for women back then. The Nuns were also selling babies to rich Americans, but in the book it’s only Peggy who gets caught and does time inside.

The book starts once Peggy is out of jail, and sooner or later things start to go wrong again and she is mired up to her neck in different events.

As a character, Peggy is incredibly vivid and real, perhaps not altogether lovable, but definitely unforgettable!

The Abandoned reminds me of an Irish 1950’s version of the Peaky Blinders.

For a debut I found this a highly entertaining novel full of sparkling dialogue with a dark heart but with a touch of humour too.


Thoroughly recommend.


Book Review – Colm Toibin – Brooklyn


brooklyn - colm toibin

I saw the film Brooklyn a little while ago. Although not being genuinely Irish, only sort of ‘adopted country’ Irish, I laughed my head off. Now, I don’t think that was the intention of the film, to be funny, but all the little asides, the comments about clothes, behaviour, morals and the rest, well I knew it and I understood it, and it made me laugh. One of the characters, Mrs Kehoe commands all the young ladies to stop their ‘giddiness’ when they are seated around her table. I can see it now, we still use it in our house.

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