NOURISH – my aims for 2016

Nourish word artJanuary is one whole week older and I am a whole lot closer to fulfilling my goals for 2016.

I’m not saying that these goals are point specific, but they are aims, a new way of living and of being fulfilled.

My word for the year, everyone needs a word to focus on from time to time, is NOURISH.

This year I am going to take the time to nourish myself, and my family and friends.

I have been unbelievably busy for the last 0h, 20 years, being a mother to three kids, they are mostly grown now, but still need mothering. In the past I have been working in 2 jobs and that left very little time for myself.

So this year I am going to nourish myself.

Firstly with food. I am going to try and eat better, wholesome, more natural foods and nourish myself inside and out. I have cut down on sugar, coffee, saturated fats and quick pick me ups, that picked me up for all of about half an hour, then left me slumped in the corner, tired and irritable after that.

I am following lots of food bloggers who use veggies and fruit, they are mainly vegetarian, if not vegan, and they have great recipes to try out.

So out goes chocolate, buns, cake and fast foods. In comes overnight oats, with chia seeds and almond butter.

Nuts, seeds, beans, grains, etc are what I’ll be using if I can.

Secondly, I want to nourish my creative side.

I have plenty of writing commitments to keep me going, and I am also going to sign up for crochet lessons.

Seriously, I have always ¬†wanted to crochet. I’m not entirely sure why, but there it is.

And thirdly I am signing up for ballet lessons and I can’t wait!

My fitness is atrocious, it has declined dramatically over the years, particularly in the last 5 years. I am also reaching that dreaded menopause stage, and I know I need to do something positive about my fitness.

So ballet lessons it is, starting this week. It’s something fun that I used to do, it will improve my fitness, yet also work on my shocking stiffness and lack of flexibility.

So that’s me for the year.

Nourishing my body, my creative side and my wellbeing.

How about you?