10 Fabulous Films from my sickbed

The Help


I have been sick it is true. Not seriously sick, just under the weather, need to lie down and sleep it off kind of sick. I am on my second antibiotic in about three or four weeks and I still wouldn’t say I am 100% yet.

For most of the time I haven’t even felt like doing any writing. Today is the first. I hardly even read anything either. Sleep and rest.

But…I have managed to get through rather a lot of good movies. So here it is, my ‘Sickbed Film list’. A complete mixture of inspiring, entertaining, funny, romantic, golden oldies and Christmas specials.

  1. The Help – set during the Civil Rights movement in America. Inspiring, infuriating at times, made me want to do something with my life, got me really fired up,(not a good idea when you are sick and incapacitated)but also funny. I can’t believe how far we’ve come in some ways, and yet still some attitudes persist.
  2. It’s a Wonderful life – I had heard so much about this film, plus it was what inspired Carmel Harrington to write her Christmas novel ‘Every Time A Bell Rings’, and I had never seen it before. If I’m honest, it really wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. Maybe I had mixed it up with another film in my head, but great for a nostalgic, feel-good, old-fashioned Christmas movie.
  3. A Testament Of Youth – based on the book by Vera Brittain and set during the First world War. Again this was a beautiful, moving, inspiring but also poignant insight into not just Vera’s life, but thousands of unseen young women like her. Waving friends, boyfriends, fiancees, brothers, and fathers off to war, never to see them again, swathes of young men, cut down in their prime.
  4. The Magdalene Sisters – set in Ireland  I feel the same way watching this as I did watching ‘The Help’ : I could have punched the screen plenty of times. What an injustice the women went through, when all along the perpetrators were right under their noses. That the prejudices of the time were set completely against the women.
  5. Mona Lisa Smile – set in the early 1950’s in a different part of America to The Help. This time encouraging young women to set different goals other than just get married.
  6. Miracle on 34th Street – classic Christmas. I’ve watched it loads of times before, but it never fails to give me ‘that Christmas feeling’.
  7. The Young Victoria – the love story of Queen Victoria and her Albert. Just beautiful.
  8. What happens In Vegas – I was surprised by this one. I wasn’t really in the mood for chick flick movies(in case you hadn’t noticed owing to my previous viewing), but somehow this was entertaining and funny and better than I thought it would be.
  9. Think Like a Man – funny, entertaining romcom.
  10. Mr Selfridge – ok, so not exactly a film, but it’s my guilty pleasure. Back to back episodes of Mr Selfridge. Pure delight.

So that’s my list. Have you any favourites? Please leave a comment.