3 reasons why married couples need separate rooms



I am seriously thinking about bringing back the time old tradition of having separate rooms for married couples. Really, I can’t think why it was done away with. It is such a good idea. Obviously, lack of space would have been the main reason, sometime around the turn of the last century, when it fell out of favour. And the demise of the ‘Big House’  of course, but I have a notion to revive the tradition.

I love a good regency novel. I adore all of Jane Austen’s books. I can read a modern Mills and Boon set in the Regency period, even a Victorian one.

I would enjoy the novelty of getting dressed up in the corsets and underskirts and all manner of clothing, but only for a day. I would not thank you for transporting me back there permanently.

Lack of painkillers, antibiotics and a decent flushing toilet would put me right off, however after this morning, I am thinking very favourably about separate bedrooms for hubby and I.

  1. Hubby and I work on different internal time clocks. I am an Owl. I love nothing more than writing at my desk until nearly midnight, and then curling up with a good book until nearly 1am. He on the other hand prefers early mornings, and is more than happy to get up extremely early on a bright sunny morning and go for a cycle. Today, I was woken at 5.30 am, as he had woken and thought ‘what a lovely day, I could cycle to work if I got up now’! I was not amused. By the time he had got dressed, been through the bathroom, banged around the house etc I was very much awake, BUT I didn’t want to be! If I had my way, my day would run from 10 am to midnight. Perfection!
  2. Hubby, as most men are, has a different body temperature to me. He will be roasting hot whilst I am freezing to death. I have resorted to an extra duvet, and at times even a dressing gown on top of my side of the bed to redress the balance of heat. Separate beds and bedrooms would be perfect thank you, then I can be toasty and luxuriating underneath  heavy layers without extra complaints.
  3. And lastly, hubby is a cyclist. Why would this bother me? Unless you are also married to a cyclist you will have no notion of where I am going with this. Serious cyclists shave their legs. In fact not just their legs, but any part of their anatomy which is open to the extremities and may slow them down, make them less wind resistant. So arms and legs then. But let me tell you, snuggling up to ‘just grown back stubble’ is not pleasant. Men, are by nature, hairy beasts, and although I had no problem with the original hairy legs, the sharp, prickly stubble is less than hug inducing. Reaching out in the middle of the night for a lovely warm cuddle, only to be replaced with a scratchy rash is a bit of a ‘no no’ in my book.

So there it is. I would like separate rooms, please. I would, if it was offered, like a nice hot cup of tea and breakfast arriving at my bedside shortly around 9am too. Someone to run me a bath, open the curtains and lay out my clothes would be an unnecessary luxury, but well, I wouldn’t say no if pushed. I could lay back and send him romantic texts when I am ready to receive visitors. Mmm, it could be just the thing.