2018 and not a resolution in sight


I don’t keep resolutions, so there is no point in starting them. That said, for 2018 I do have a little wishlist.

  1. HEALTH I really wish that my health would improve. The winter so far, even from September on has not been great. I have been completely and utterly wiped out. No energy, always needing to sit down, and naps. Well lets just say I love napping. I have pain in my arms, wrists, shoulders and most other joints, and from December on this has been stopping me sleep properly. Sometimes the pain comes on instantly once I touch the mouse when I sit at the laptop, sometimes its as soon as I start driving. Anyhow, whatever it is, I would just like it to go away please. I’ve also been plagued with flu/viral things so I am very slow getting back on my feet. So far the tests show this is all down to an under-active thyroid and I start the tablets tomorrow. So here’s hoping I shall be a new woman in a few months time. pexels-photo-271897.jpeg
  2. EXERCISE GOALS- This follows point number one. If I feel better I would like to do some excercise. Yoga, pilates, walking and getting on the bike. It may also follow that if I started a little excercise it might help point number one, but I’m so knackered I need a lie down just thinking about it.pexels-photo-290164.jpeg
  3. WRITING GOALS – I just want to get published. Is that too much to ask? Maybe that’s a little vague, so I shall break it down into manageable chunks. I shall endeavour to submit my novel Every Time I See you, ( a dual timeline historical romance set in Ireland and Cairo) to ten agents and see how I get on. I shall start writing book 2 in order to submit to the RNA New Writers Scheme in August 2018, and I shall write some short romantic stories set in Paris, from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints, historical and contemporary, just because I like short stories.


So that’s how I hope 2018 will shape up for me, how about you?


3 more writing competitions to enter in 2016



Ah now, so how’s the new year of writing treating you?

Did you buy a new notebook maybe?

Fancy new pens?

A new writing magazine and sat down over a nice cake and coffee to take it all in and stick pretty little post-it notes all over it?

Did you?

Truthfully now, have you actually, really, sat down and written anything?


Well here’s a few more competitions that might spur you and me on. And don’t worry, this time the deadlines are not in February, really they’re not. They’re like so far away you could easily sit down and eat a plate load of cakes before you even have to think about it.

But what about writing a short story while you’re at it?

  1. https://mslexia.co.uk/competition/short-story-competition/ – deadline 14th march short story 2,000 words
  2. http://www.focalliteraryfestival.com/the-colm-toibin-international-short-story-award/ – deadline 1st April 1,000 – 2,000 words
  3. https://www.bridportprize.org.uk/enter-online – deadline 31st May – this includes flashfiction of 250 words. Short story 5,000 words and debut novel.


Go on now. write something.



3 Writing Competitions to enter

Since it is the New Year, and I feel I should start this year with enthusiasm and vigour regards my writing, ( well, I should, shouldn’t I?), I mean to enter some writing competitions.

Now, if I state that I mean to enter some competitions, that means I am going to have to write some short stories too, doesn’t it?

And there lies my problem. You see, I’m not so good at short stories.

I get the feeling that these competitions are just for ‘literary type’ writers. And that just isn’t me.

I’m just a plain kind of writer.

I can’t write full flowing, flowery descriptions and use metaphors and similies. heck, I can’t even remember what they are or probably even spell them correctly. It just isn’t for me.

I am just a plain speaking, sort of girl. I like dialogue and plot. I like to keep it moving. I like interesting characters, to whom interesting things happen.

So, I am not sure I even stand a chance.

On the other hand, I know, 100% for certain, that I stand absolutely zilch chance, diddly squat, negative numbers  sort of chance, if I don’t start writing creatively and see where it takes me. plus of course, if I never send it off

Plus of course, if I never send it off,  I will waste another year.

Another year of feeling too unsure. Not up to it. Not good enough. Not brave enough. Not a proper ‘writer’.

And I’m sick of it.

If I look back at last year I said the same thing, just different reasons, see here. I entered nothing.

So I’m going to shut my eyes and just do it.

Join me.


  1. http://www.readersdigest.co.uk/100-word-story-competition- deadline 20th feb 2016  100 word flashfiction
  2.   http://www.doolinwritersweekend.com/storyComp.html  – deadline 5th feb 2016 short story comp. 1,000 – 3,000 words
  3. https://thejohnoconnorwritingschool.wordpress.com/latest-news-2/ – deadline 29th feb, 2016. Short story competition, 2,000 – 3,000 words.


If that wasn’t enough for you, there are tons more on this site.