Hi, I’m Susannah Branson and I read and write romance.

I’m a member of the Imagine Write Inspire writing group, set up by Carmel Harrington, find us online and somewhere in the skies above Ireland.

I’m also a member of the RNA NWS 2016. If you are an aspiring romance writer and you haven’t yet found it, then what are you waiting for. It’s your passport to publication. Seriously, get to it. Still here?

Basically, it is all about the big ‘happy ever after’ for me. I like to create strong and sassy women who are not behind the door, with fun and flirty romance, but family must always come first.

I’m not too fussy whether I read Mills and Boon, Jane Austen, Mary Wesley, Nora Roberts or any of the fantastic newer romance writers, but I do like it fairly sweet and clean.

I do like YA and also Historical Romance. I like Chick lit and also mainstream Women’s Fiction.

I am also an absolute sucker for non-fiction books for improving my writing craft and also historical research, interesting times, people etc.

I am an absolute sucker for a good cover, romantic, black and white, a bit of Paris in there, or sweet little tea cups, and I could be snatching the book out of your hand. I find the cover is one of the main reasons I will pick a book, so I intend doing some posts on Book Covers.

So basically this blog is all about books, right? Yeah, but then because my mind goes overdrive I might also write about all the other things that  I come across in life that might be important. Cake, anyone?


2 thoughts on “About

  1. evelynralph says:

    Thanks Susannah. I have written a romance,sort of, nivel. Unfortunately it us one a defunked computer. My hero and heroin are in late 30s early 40s and set in Canada. Where I have had holidays. It is completely finished but was halfway through firat eit when my daughter got really sick. Since then it has been one thing or another. Need to get it to. PC World, see if I have to get a new one or not.
    I like reading historical fiction and fact. I love sci-fi, vampire, zombie to read. I have a compilation of short stories, a separate short story and a novella on Amazon. I have also written a sci-fi novel, and half of part 2, and others in that genre.

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