Book Review Of The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies

the tea planters wifeWant I want when I read now is to be transported somewhere else. To be so engrossed in a story that I want to devour it in one sitting, for it to fill my life, and make an emotional connection with my soul.

The Tea planter’s Wife did just that.

Dinah Jefferies has subtly woven an intricate world¬†from the 1930’s, of tea plantations, of Ceylon and the Far East in a way that I could fully understand, yet it was the emotional impact of the story that caught me.

The costs and sacrifices that each of the two main characters make are so high that it is extraordinary that they can still survive, and not just that, but that the deep romance that is intertwined through the book survives intact too.

This is a story with a mystery, with dramas, and intrigue, but overall it is a story about love and loss.

Whatever else you do, make sure you read it.